NFT autograph-

Vasyl Virastyuk

Our first NFT autograph — Vasyl Virastyuk, the strongest man on the planet in 2004 and 2007.

Why is this NFT autograph unique?

  • only officially confirmed autographs of world celebrities;
  • a little interview with celebrity and wishes to NFT token holders;
  • limited edition;
  • after 90 days, unsold tokens will be burned, increasing the value of the remaining tokens;
  • confirmation of the originality of the NFT autograph on celebreties FB/Instagram official pages;
  • one celebrity — one NFT collection, we don’t make additional releases with the same celebrity.

Watch the video confirmation

You can see a confirmation of the originality of the NFT autograph on Vasily Virastyuk’s official Facebook page

Vasyl Virastyuk is the owner of the 2004 and 2007 World’s Strongest Man titles and the multiple world champion in strongman competitions. According to reputable online media, the athlete is among the top 10 strongest men in the world in mankind’s history.

Vasyl Virastyuk is a pioneer strongman. He was the first to work with ice when within a minute he lifted and installed four ice cubes weighing 150 kg each on the threshold of 130 cm high.

Vasyl Virastyuk has set a number of world records. Among them:

Movement of 5 streetcars weighing 101.5 tons.
Movement of 10 cars with a total weight of 16.5 tons over a distance of 18.5 meters.
Movement of 7 cars with a total weight of 11 tons over a distance of 25 meters.
Under his leadership, the Ukrainian Strongman team has 4 times won the World Strongman National title. In 2007 he defeated Žydrūnas Savickas, the two-time IFSA world champion. After this victory, he became the first athlete in the history of strongman to win both a World’s Strongest Man title and an IFSA World title.

PHILOGRAPHY.BIZ got Vasyl Virastyuk’s autograph and released a limited edition of NFT tokens at a fixed price. A limited number of NFT autographs guarantees an increase in the investment value in the long term. You can buy the NFT autograph of Vasyl Virastyuk on the global NFT platforms OpenSea and Rarible.

Each NFT autograph is verified by a celebrity. PHILOGRAPHY NFT PROJECT team makes an autograph session with a celebrity where he or she gives exclusive interview and address wishes to the future lucky owners of his or her NFT autograph. In this interview, the celebrity also provides and confirms his or her original autograph for the PHILOGRAPHY.BIZ project.

Moreover, for more confidence in the authenticity of the autograph, its owner creates a post in his or her social network with the information that he or she gave his or her autograph for the PHILOGRAPHY project.

creates a new investment market of collectible autographs in the form of NFT with protection against fakes and proof of their authenticity.