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About project

PHILOGRAPHY NFT PROJECT is the world’s first repository and auction platform for tokenized NFT autographs. The PHILOGRAPHY team officially collaborates with global celebrities from film, culture, sports, politics, and business and tokenizes their original autographs. All autographs are confirmed (verified) by the celebrities

we officially cooperate with world celebrities, receiving confirmed autographs from them, made specifically by them for its subsequent NFT tokenization and placement / sale on our repository-auction platform

we officially carry out our mission of patronage and charity, directing financial assistance from our activities to international charitable organizations in the field of health and ecology

we are officially forming a new global investment market for tokenized NFT collectibles - confirmed (verified) autographs of the world wide CELEBRITIES


Vasyl Virastyuk


Celebrity #2

Will be available
in October.

Celebrity #3

Will be available
in October.


Worldwide OFFLINE Celebrity Autograph Collecting Market

Every year, the British company Paul Fraser Collectibles, which specializes in the analysis of financial and trade transactions for investments, compiles an autograph investment index — PFC40, which has grown by more than 336% over the past 10 years.

This figure is really impressive, and if you compare the stock market and the stock market to the autograph market, it is clear that alternative investments in celebrity autographs are a category of investment in the long term with significant returns.

NFT technology can offer solutions to a number of phylographic problems (such as counterfeiting and fraud) and has the potential to transform the existing market with new technologies.

The PCF40 Autograph Index (Investment Index) tracks the performance


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